To become the leading Architectural and Consultancy firm with representative
offices in several Arab countries. PrismaCircle offers its clients a complete creative
solution portfolio that consists of Architectural, Engineering and Project
Management services. PrismaCircle’s distinctive approach and inspiring concepts
are the result of the creative minds of its team members who strive to provide its
clients with concepts that will fit their vision rather than being copies of
what they
might have seen.

To become the epitome of architectural creation and uniqueness in the region, with
a signature portfolio of works that encompasses all ranges of architectural design.


Excellence:  Every project will be studied with its smallest details based on deep
analysis of the client's needs and aspirations while reflecting his/her personal
character, philosophical views and expectations. Quality is never compromised and
is maintained throughout the project development and execution.

Creativity:  We thrive to be creative, distinct and original in our approach and
concepts. Our team does not imitate but innovates based on the client’s needs and
the company’s signature, culture and know-how.

Partnership: Creativity is sometimes relative and not absolute. To ensure that our
clients are fully satisfied, we approach them as partners so that the cooperation
and coordination is maintained, in order to guarantee gratifying results.

Integrity: Our business ethics are engraved at the core of our work and in the
relations we maintain with our clients. Integrity, transparency, honesty and
professionalism make up who we are and what we do on a day to day basis.
“The spirit of an era has always been difficult to define when it is not yet part
of history. Innovation is generated by the spirit of a group living in an era”